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Upcoming exhibitons

21—24 May 2019
United States, Orlando
Defense Technology
Information and Communication Technology, Software
21—24 May 2019
China, Shanghai
Plastic and Rubber Processing
22—24 May 2019
Kazakhstan, Astana
Construction Technology, Materials and Equipment, Interior Fittings
22—24 May 2019
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
Defense Technology
Safety, Disaster Control
22—24 May 2019
Kazakhstan, Astana
Electrical Engineering, Electronics
Energy (conventional and renewable)
Environment and Climate Protection
Lighting, Lighting Technology
Technologies, Inventions, Innovations
Trade Fairs for Capital Goods
22—24 May 2019
Kazakhstan, Astana
Computer-Aided Engineering, Factory Automation, Measuring and Control
Industrial Equipment, Maintenance
Laboratory Technology, Biotechnology
Surface Treatment Technology
Technologies, Inventions, Innovations
Trade Fairs for Capital Goods
22—24 May 2019
Kazakhstan, Astana
Safety, Disaster Control
22—24 May 2019
Japan, Tokyo
Agriculture ,Forestry, Landscape Gardening, Fisheries, Livestock Farming
Food Processing and Packaging Machinery
Information and Communication Technology, Software


MIOFF Российская Неделя Фитнеса

Даты выставки: 4-8 ноября 

Все для открытия нового клуба. Ведущие поставщики профессионального оборудования и новые компании. Новые технологии. Готовые решения для фитнес–бизне...
15 March, 08:09

China VMF 2019 Ended on a High Note

The 7th China Int’l Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair (China VMF 2019), a concentrated display of the latest progress in the vending industry, was successfully staged during Fe...
14 March, 17:43

Asiamold 2019 ended on a positive note with huge increase in visitors

The 13th edition of Asiamold concluded on 12 March with positive feedback from both exhibitors and buyers. Receiving solid support from renowned manufacturing brands, the fair remains one of the most ...
14 March, 17:11
Latest News of China Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Indoor Parks, & Attractions Industry!

The China amusement and attractions market is buzzing wi...
13 March, 08:03, No comments yet
On March 5, Smile-Expo will hold M-Health Congress in Moscow, the fifth annual congress dedicated to digital medicine. Industry experts will participa...
17 January, 17:15, No comments yet
“China International Urban Public Transportation New Energy Automobile Exhibition” , “China (Guangzhou) International Charging Infra...
14 December, 13:17, No comments yet
 X Международная выставка по промышленной безопасности и охране труда «SAPE 2019 — Комплексная безопасность труда» пройдет с 23...
04 December, 12:37, No comments yet
China Int’ l Vending Machines and Self-service Facilities Fair 2019,the leading fair in Asia. China VMF 2019 will be held during February 26th-2...
09 October, 09:35, No comments yet
In the past seventeen years, the exhibition successfully played its role in industry trade boost. It has attracted 300,000 professional purchasers, be...
11 September, 15:16, No comments yet

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