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XIII Международная выставка LABComplEX. Аналитика. Лаборатория. Биотехнологии. HI-TECH

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, City Sanitation, Water Technology, Waste Disposal, Public Services, Computer-Aided Engineering, Factory Automation, Measuring and Control, Defense Technology, Environment and Climate Protection, Food Processing and Packaging Machinery, Foundry, Metallurgy (Iron, Non-ferrous Metals), Industrial Equipment, Maintenance, Laboratory Technology, Biotechnology, Oil Gas, Technologies, Inventions, Innovations, Trade Fairs for Capital Goods, Trade Fairs, Congresses and Events, Event and Stage Technology, Scientific research, Science, Clean technology

Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress: Asia

Agriculture ,Forestry, Landscape Gardening, Fisheries, Livestock Farming, Environment and Climate Protection, Scientific research, Science
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