Information Placement Rules

  • Information and advertisement placement rules are regulated by the terms of the User Agreement and International Law on intellectual property rights
  • When placing the information, you are solely responsible for the information submitted in accordance with International Law, UK Legislation and Regulations of your Country


  • Information Promotional materials not be published on the web-site :

Any pornographic and erotic materials, advertising materials, as well as information, promotional materials, which can create a false impression of their pornographic or erotic content (including slogans containing the words "erotic", "sex", etc.)

Advertising or other materials, discrediting, condemning systmes existing in one or another country, the government and the leadership of any country of the World , advocating the overthrow of existing government in any particular country.

Advertising organizations whose activities are based on risk, advertising games and betting.

Promotional materials contesting the accuracy of the information contained on the web-site, otherwise damaging the business reputation of a company, trade shows, or that person, as well as the Expo Inter Associates LP and / or Internet resource Expo-Book,

Promotional materials containing  graphic and / or textual elements that are inconsistent with the content of an Internet resource Expo-book.

Advertising projects of third parties which are similar to services provided by Expo-Book and presented at the web-site of Expo-book.

Information and advertising materials which may mislead visitors of an Internet resource Expo-Book. This category includes information and advertising materials containing texts such as "Click and get free ..." or "Congratulations! You have won ... Click to get ... ", as well as containing false information about the Company, exhibitions, products / services, etc.


  • Requirements for the Information and Advertising Materials placed on the web-site

All the information and promotional material must comply with existing International Law, the Laws of your Country and the UK Law, including the requirements for advertising and / or turnover of individual groups of goods / services.

Including, but not limited to:

Information, marketing materials should not contain swear words, obscene and offensive images, comparisons and expressions in relation to gender, race, nationality, profession, social category, age, religious symbols, the official state symbols;

Information, advertising must not be misleading and / or inaccurate;

Information, advertising should not encourage the commission of illegal acts and / or call for violence and cruelty;

Information, Promotional material shall not constitute an advertisement of goods, advertising of which is prohibited in this way, at this time or in this place.

Information, Promotional materials must not contain images of physiological inferiority of humans or animals, dead people or animals, other shocking images, including those related to the murders, tragic events, catastrophes.

Information, Advertising must match the content of the pages of an Internet resource of the Advertiser, which is hypertext link.

Information, Advertising news sources containing information on a news article published on the web-site of the Advertiser, should lead to the page of the Internet resource of the Advertiser, where this article was published. The text of the advertisement must comply within the meaning of the header and the content of news articles. From the text of the advertisement is to be understood that it advertises a source where you can get acquainted with the news article.

Technical requirements for advertising materials:

Images may be uploaded in the format of jpeg, png and gif,

Images can be any size, but will be adjusted to the inherent possibility of image placement area.