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10—13 December 2019
Russia, Moscow
Industrial Equipment, Maintenance
Safety, Security, Disaster Control
11—13 December 2019
Canada, Toronto
Construction Technology, Materials and Equipment, Interior Fittings
11—13 December 2019
Vietnam, Hanoi
Shipbuilding, Port Machinery, Offshore Engineering
11—14 December 2019
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
Computer-Aided Engineering, Factory Automation, Measuring and Control
Hardware, Tools
Textile and Clothing Machinery, Textile Cleaning
11—13 December 2019
Japan, Tokyo
Electrical Engineering, Electronics
Energy (conventional and renewable)
11—15 December 2019
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
Gifts, Watches Clocks, Jewelry, Crafts, Special Occasion Party Items
Leisure, Hobby, DIY
12—14 December 2019
China, Guangzhou
Food, Beverage and Luxury Foodstuff
Furniture, Interior Design
Hotel and Catering, Shop Fittings
Information and Communication Technology, Software
Sporting Goods
Textiles (Clothing and Home Textiles, Technical Textiles)
12—15 December 2019
South Korea, Seoul
Furniture, Interior Design
Household Goods and Appliances, Ceramics, Glassware
Textiles (Clothing and Home Textiles, Technical Textiles)

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