CEFE 2020 Powered by INTERSCHUTZ: Welcome to the international comprehensive platform for emergency industry

CEFE 2020 Powerd by INTERSCHUTZ will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on December 9-11, 2020.


CEFE Powered by INTERSCHUTZ: INTERSCHUTZ's major international exhibition in China

With the theme of "Building an International Security Platform", the exhibition establishes a professional exhibition and communication platform in the emergency industry field, and strives to make important contributions in accelerating the development of key technologies and equipment, optimizing the industrial structure, promoting the development of emergency industry clusters, and strengthening international exchanges and cooperation contribution. CEFE 2020 Powerd by INTERSCHUTZ is expected to cover a total display area of 30,000 sq.m and attract over 200 exhibitors.

“We are very glad to take part in CEFE. We are the loyal exhibitors of INTERSCHUTZ in Hanover. This year, when we learned that the INTERSCHUTZ brand was launched in Shanghai, we immediately signed up to participate.” says Shanghai Aurora Schmitz Fire Equipment Co., Ltd., which was the exhibitor of CEFE 2019 Powered by INTERSCHUTZ. “The Chinese market is very important to us. It is a great pleasure to meet our customers from all over the country. We also wish the INTERSCHUTZ series exhibition become better and better.”


Gather global resources to deepen industry exchanges and promote business cooperation

The flagship international exhibition INTERSCHUTZ in the field of international rescue services, fire prevention and mitigation, safety and security is held every five years at the Hannover Exhibition Center to showcase cutting-edge technologies and products in the fields of global protection, prevention, rescue, assistance, accident warning, surveillance and communication, etc.At the same time, INTERSCHUTZ has created a series of brand exhibitions in Australia, Italy, the United States, China and other places, forming an international network of INTERSCHUTZ brands and radiating the global market. CEFE Powered by INTERSCHUTZ as its strategic layout in the Chinese market will play a positive role in promoting China's emergency fire protection industry.

To make the exhibition be more influencial globally, German companies in the emergency field will make their debut at CEFE 2020 to show Europe's leading new equipment and technology solutions for emergency rescue. Establish a global perspective of the exhibition and promote exchanges between Chinese and foreign industries.

It also includes a high-level communication summit forum between China and Europe. It invites senior firefighting and emergency ocials from Europe and China to lead the industry communication. It is a forum with strong influence and high standard in China.


Bring more business opportunities via on-site activities

To grasp more business opportunities, CEFE 2020 will take advantages of Chinese market and INTERSCHUTZ resources to bring a series of on-site activities.

A number of demonstration activities related to fire fighting, emergency rescue and technical support services will be arranged. Visitors could experience the latest rescue equipment, technologies and services of China and Germany.

Besides, the procurement matchmaking invites buyers from domestic high-quality central enterprise and Germany, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Pakistan to participate in the activities with on-site exhibitors, providing buyers with convenient services for docking trade.


Thinking under the epidemic New opportunities ushered in public health

A professional topic of CEFE 2020 that closely follows the industry’s hotspot will be one of the highlight that can’t be missed at the exhibition. At the beginning of 2020, the epidemic of the new coronavirus pneumonia is coming. CEFE will focus on the innovation achievements of public health and anti-epidemic products, and organize experts & scholars to share anti-epidemic experiences, promote health safety and the development of public health industry.


Focusing on keeping city and life safe, CEFE 2020 Powered by INTERSCHUTZ will provide exhibitors and buyers with a perfect platform. Let’s meet at the in Shanghai this December!

18 March, 06:05
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