Industrial sectors

Product categories

Firefighting equipment: fire trucks, personal equipment for firefighters, firefighting equipment products, fire communication command system;

Emergency equipment: emergency vehicles, emergency large-scale rescue equipment, high-rise emergency escape equipment, rescue helicopters, command and emergency system, demolition equipment, exploration and detection equipment, special robots, lifeboats, tents, temporary mobile housing;Safety protection equipment: safety production protection products, personal protection equipment and protective clothing, industrial explosion-proof products;

Building fire protection solutions: fire doors and windows, fire shutters, fire coatings, fire protection materials for exterior walls, fire insulation materials, fire carpets;

Security solutions: video surveillance equipment, fire alarm equipment, burglar alarm equipment, intelligent building solutions, various types of intelligent biometric identification systems, network alarm systems;Road trac safety products: trac rescue vehicles, trac command processing equipment, trac safety equipment, intelligent trac management technology, trac information communication systems;Social emergency fire service agencies: civil emergency rescue agencies, insurance agencies, safety inspection companies.

Public health epidemic prevention and medical rescue: protective supplies, protective consumables, disinfection supplies, medical equipment and equipment, inspection and testing, drugs, digital epidemic prevention solutions, medical rescue equipment