Tripoli International Conference

The Tripoli International Conference and Exhibition (TICE) is an initiative that sheds light on the growing importance of the northern capital as a substantial business hub and a strategic gateway to Syria’s market. Held in November 2019 at the Rashid Karameh International Exhibition Center, TICE will bring together investors, startups, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, as well as local and international business leaders from various sectors, to explore the latest projects, trade, and investment opportunities in Tripoli.

Tripoli is expected to become a launchpad for Syria’s post-crisis reconstruction. The city’s location and proximity to the Syrian borders make it a practical link between Syria and the global community. Tripoli could become one of the key supply routes to Syria’s reconstruction investments, due to its strategic location between the Mediterranean Sea and some of Syria’s most devastated provinces including Homs and Damascus.

27 August, 15:02
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