Korea's first attraction industry exhibition the “Korea Attraction Fair 2020” will be held in BEXCO, BUSAN. Korea.

[What’s KAAFAIR?]
In the “Korea Attraction Fair 2020” a fun culture that brings together all the joys of the world, from playing alone to enjoying leisure and sightseeing. Its new-paradigm type exhibition, it will take place that we imagined. Including all attractions which is Theme Park • VR / AR • Amusement Facilities • Sightseeing Contents.
[Global Luxury Exhibition]
The global exhibition “Korea Attraction Fair 2020” is expected to expand the possibility of corporate promotion and overseas expansion through various organizations, associations and sponsors related Attraction, Amusement, Water Park, VRAR (Virtual Reality), Hotel & Resort, Amusement Facility, etc.
[Infinite market development]
This year one of the most important reasons to attention to Korea Attraction Fair Korea was the 7th in the world in the 30-50 clubs (a country with a national income of over $ 30,000 and a population of over 50 million people), which is a highly developed country. This is because interest is getting higher. As a result, per capita spending on monthly cultural content increased from about $ 115.01 in 2016 to $ 315.88, and annually to $ 3,766.54
Also the scale of the kids industry (theme peaks, kids cafes, Indian, etc.) has been increased about 2.3trillion last five years, it reaching 40trillion, and the purchasing power is continuously increasing as the industry becomes active. In addition, perceptions and attitudes toward leisure are changing, with hobby and entertainment activities taking the first place with 90.5% of leisure activities by type, and it can be expected that experiential/leisure activities may increase rapidly. 
[Just look out KAAFAIR]
Korea has the 7th largest market in the "Attraction industry". 
However, it is the only situation in which there is no related industry special exhibition, and it is necessary to hold it for the development of industry and exchange of information, and it is expected that the thirst will be quenched by holding the “Korea Attraction Fair 2020”. 

[Korea Big Project Status]
Now Korea has a different attitude towards the leisure industry, and expenditures on leisure are also increasing rapidly. In addition, all the massive major distributors in Korea are entering the theme peak industry. Large theme parks such as “Hwaseong International Theme Park of Shinsegae”, “CJ Live City of CJ Group”, “Lotte World Adventure of Lotte Group”, “Busan Osiria Theme Peak”, and “Chuncheon Lego Theme Park” will be grand opened in 2021. If you do not miss this opportunity and make good use of it, it’s expected to be a great opportunity for you to enter Korea and develop new markets.

[Special opportunity for KAAFAIR exhibitors!]]
Why You Must Participate in the “Korea Attraction Fair 2020”?
The “Korea Attraction Fair” Secretariat will provide business meeting opportunities to exhibitors for projects such as attractions and amusement contents, which are necessary for the construction of large theme peaks and the establishment of a multicultural center.
It is the ultimate opportunity for companies participating in the "KOREA ATTRACTION FAIR 2020" to expand their business and raise brand awareness through meetings.
The “Korea Attraction Fair” Secretariat will best to ensure that business meetings lead to actual results through continued management after the event. 

[Strong Korea about 5G, Leading digital attraction]
Korea has a fast 5G network in the commercialization and development stages as its main infrastructure, and is already leading the 5G overseas markets by signing agreements and supply agreements to transfer 5G technologies with foreign countries. To see at a glance the rapidly growing and diversifying theme peak and attraction market Based on state-of-the-art technologies such as VR, AR, MR, and IoT hologram projection utilizing 5G's fast network, related giants from around the world are participating in the 'KOREA ATTRACTION FAIR' Will gather in 2020 '.
[Why busan? : Selected as 'International Tourist City']
Korea's “Busan” was selected as Korea's first 'International Tourism City' in 2020 to foster a regional tourism hub that connects Seoul, the capital. Over the next five years, it will invest 150 billion won to develop tourism infrastructure and contents. 
Busan is the 4th largest MICE city in Asia and the 7th in the world, and is a luxury marine leisure city with excellent basic tourism infrastructure and excellent potential to serve as a new gateway city. It is expected to develop into a tourist city by selecting Busan's “International Tourism City,” which is rich in tourism content and infrastructure that reflects local characteristics such as various festivals and historical culture. 

[Everyone is satisfied with KAAFAIR]
The “Korea Attraction Fair 2020” provides the opportunity for global buyer 1: 1 business matching and business expansion for B2B, while B2C can share and exchange trends in entrepreneurship consulting, start-up consulting, and industry at a glance. “Korea Attraction Fair 2020” plan to build various programs that satisfy both B2C and coexist.
“KAAFAIR” with details, will surely have mega synergy.

13 March, 14:26
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