Industrial sectors

Product categories

Exhibition Scope
Smart Retail End-Used Equipment & Info Technology: Smart cash register, self-service cash register, POS, meal ordering machine, code scanner, electronic shelf label, RFID, self-service weighing station, biometric technology and etc.
Smart Retail Service Systems: Smart store digital management solution, smart cashier system, big data analysis system, AI-based retail solutions, customer data analysis system, automatic delivery, and etc.
Unattended Retail Equipment: Micro market, vending machine, unmanned shelf, checkout-free technology, mobile payment system, and etc.
Smart Display & Supermarket Equipment: Smart display & showcase, EAS anti-theft system, ERP, CCTV, commercial lighting, commercial interior design, and etc.
New Retail Supply Chain Service: Perishable logistics and cold chain technology, delivery services and solutions, smart warehousing solution, retail inventory sharing and etc.