International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics and Electronics

The AMPER Trade Fair is the biggest business marketing event in Czech republic and in Slovakia every year in fields:

•    electrotechnics,

•    energetics,

•    automation,

•    communication,

•    lighting and security technologies.

The main function of the trade fair is to present and especially show to all visitors and general public what are the latest trends in the electrical and energy industry, what is the development of telecommunications, what are the latest news in automation and digitization. At AMPER, you will find new and modern technologies for smart cities, electromobility, smart homes and next hot news from the field of security and lighting.

The traditional competition for the most beneficial exhibit of the trade fair – ZLATÝ AMPER (in translation GOLDEN AMPER) take place at trade fair every year.

The competition is intended for exhibits which are presented at the trade fair and their parameters are comparable to the world level and reflect current trends in their field. Another important criterion of the exhibits is the technical and technological level, originality of the solution, safety and user comfort of the exhibit,  possibility of providing service and spare parts, ecological parameters and the overall level of presentation of the exhibit.


BVV Veletrhy Brno/BVV Trade Fairs Brno
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Worldwide analogues
17—20 May 2022

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