The main objective of FIC is to develop & continuously update & upgrade integrated information system on Foundry & Allied industry & make the information available to IIF members & other interested users & overseas companies in the interest of Indian Foundry industry. This can broadly be given as below.

    To build up information system & periodically update for foundries & allied industry in order to monitor trends & statistics & profiles of individual associated company regarding their capacity, capability, speciality & in house manufacturing & testing facilities, Quality accreditations etc.

    To identify suitable sources of cast component, foundry materials equipments, consultants etc etc.

    To generate information of special plant machinery & technology overseas in developed countries.

    To maintain profiles of exporters in foundry & allied industry.

  To maintain Indian Standards of metal castings, foundry equipments, sands, additives, input          materials inspection methods to represent IIF in various sectional committees of BIS.

   To maintain bibliography on the publications of Indian & Foreign journals so that list of articles with their authors, title, abstract & source on specific processes of different type of castings, products, equipments, materials etc can be retrieved for use by IIF members & other interested users.