The 12th International Pet Industry Exhibition

«ParkZoo 2022» showed the achievements of the pet industry in the localization of production

In 2022, the pet market lost some of its foreign brands, but gained new opportunities for the development of local brands and domestic production of pet supplies. How the industry responded to the needs of the market and to what extent it was able to implement import substitution was shown by the main exhibition of the Russian pet industry «ParkZoo», held from September 21 to 23 at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow.

Participants of the exhibition

This year «ParkZoo» occupied 5100 sq. m. meters of exhibition space. The bright, well-equipped pavilion allowed the exhibitors to implement the most daring projects in the presentation of their brands.

179 companies presented their products and services, 167 of them had stands, 8 organizations worked in coworking, and one startup presented itself.

The number of participants was slightly less than last year, because some Western brands left the Russian market. But there were 45 new companies in the «ParkZoo» exposition, 12 of which represented China.

Many exhibitors have increased the area of their stands, invested serious funds in their design. The exhibition turned out to be bright and large-scale.

Visitors and business program

10,300 people visited «ParkZoo» in 2022. About 8% of them were at the exhibition for the first time. According to the organizers, a quarter of visitors (25.1%) are representatives of retail trade, 13.1% of guests are employees of wholesale companies, and almost the same number (12.8%) are people engaged in online sales of pet products.

Representatives of 38 countries and 78 cities and regions of Russia came to the exhibition.

The business program of «ParkZoo» was rich and almost entirely devoted to petretail, the role and importance of which in the structure of the Russian pet business is seriously changing today. It included 14 lectures on topics such as trends in the Russian pet market in new conditions, working with sellers and buyers, tools for effective management of a pet store, and others.

Business games dedicated to the creation of a personal brand, feedback tools within the organization, employee motivation and team building were held at the exhibition. Participation in them was free of charge.

For the first time, a «Professional Career Center» for retail specialists worked at «ParkZoo». Within its framework, a tour of the exhibition was organized for beginners in the pet business. It took place on the first and second days. The tourists learned all the most important things about the pet market and got acquainted with the key companies of the industry.

Traditionally, the exhibition hosted GROOMINGFEST, which was attended by more than 200 people. For three days, the site hosted lectures on the management of grooming salons, grooming workshops and lectures on cosmetology, dietetics and dermatology.

The stand of the National Association of the Pet Industry worked at «ParkZoo», where it was possible to apply for membership in the organization and meet with the president of NAZ Kirill Dmitriev.

New products of the pet market

130 products were presented in the New Products Showcase, 78 of them were pet food and treats, most of which were produced in Russia. Among the brands in the feed segment, about 15 are new private brands. Changes in the economy led to a reduction in imports, which motivated businesses to increase the production of Russian feed and the development of local brands.

Key suppliers of aquarium and terrarium products did not participate in the exhibition this year. Therefore, there were few new products in this category — only five.

There were 11 new products in the veterinary drugs segment. 32 novelties were presented for grooming and pet care.




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20—23 September 2023

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