Leading the development of the industry, International Intelligent Building and Green Technology Exhibition (IBG) 2023 covers a full range of professional groups related to intelligent building, such as building contractors, intelligent contractors, intelligent designers, electrical designers, system integrators, real estate developers, park owners, community and hotel owners, etc. The show was concurrently held with the well-known brand exhibition - EP Shanghai / Electrical Shanghai 2023 and

China Engineering and Consulting Association (CECA) Electrical Sub-Council is a national social organization composed of design institutes, construction units, colleges and universities, enterprises and integrators, which promotes the development of building electrical design, the protection of intellectual property rights, publicizes relevant national policies and industrial technology development. Currently, CECA has 493 member units and 626 member representatives.

China Association of Building Energy Efficiency (CABEE) Electrical Sub-Council is a national social organization composed of design units, construction units, colleges and universities, enterprises and integrators.

Its objectives include,

  • improve the development of building electrical and intelligent management

  • undertakes national scientific research projects

  • organizes activities including National Electrical Technology Exchange Conference, China Smart Building Electrical Salon, and professional technical trainings in China

  • CABEE currently has 76 member units and 140 member representatives

《Electrical Technology of Intelligent Buildings magazine (IBE) was founded in 2002 and published in China since 2007. It is sponsored by China Architectural Design and Research Institute and Yatai Construction Science and Technology Consulting Institute, which is an important scientific and technological journal with large circulation and influential impact in the field of intelligent building & electrical technology in China.

IBE official WeChat has 70,000+ subscribed active users, ranking at the top of the electrical industry. More information: http://www.znjzdq.cn and http://www.ib-china.com

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Hybrid event
Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)

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