Industrial sectors

Product categories

Exhibiting Scope

  • Steel smelting skill and technology, aluminum, copper manufacturer, stainless steel manufacturer.
  • Plate (color steel plate ,galvanization plate, coat plate, sheet metal , medium thickness plate, shape sheet metal ,railing-protection board, sorts of color steel tile )
  • Strip and steel band ,type and H-type steel, bar and alloy steel , special steel, kinds of mould steel;
  • Wire rod, stainless steel wire rod, spring wire rod , screw wire rod and other steel wire ;
  • Steel mesh (steel plate mesh , mesh reinforcement welding, delivery mesh, punching mesh ,railing-protection mesh and steel mesh moulding equipment;
  • Board cutting equipment (crosscut , slitting machine), bending and punching equipment; plate hot rolling, cold rolling, cold bending, rolled forming equipment;
  • Bar and wire rod mill ,bar rolling automation measure and technology; drawing machine, wire draw bench ,roller, metallurgic bearing, coupling, gear box and processing equipments;
  • Machinery for metal processing, testing machine for metal materials, metal circular saw machine, beveller, abrading and polishing equipment, metallurgic saw piece and sorts of cutting tool;
  • Cooling fluid and oil for metal processing, lubricating materials , anti-rust materials , surface treatment raw material and equipment; detector of defects ,metallurgic packing machine, winding equipment, weighting apparatus, metal mark-printing machine;
  • Set of welding apparatus , welding material , testing apparatus of welding line;
  • Metallurgic automation apparatus, metallurgic transportation equipment, equipment for metal recycle .