Industrial sectors

Product categories

Building  Fire  Prevention  Equipment
Automatic Fire Alarm System, Fire Detection System, Automatic Sprinkler System, Network System of Fire Alarm, Monitor in City
Spray Extinguishing, Foam and Dry Power
Gas and Aerosol Extinguishing  Device
Fire Doors, Shutter and Other Accessories
Fire-Protective Paint, Fire-Proof Sealing Material, Smoke Prevention and Ventilator Device
Fire Retardant Material

Fire  Fighting  Equipment
Fire Engines, Fire Robots, Fire Aero craft,
Fire Motorcycle, Fire tank, Protective Equipment for Fire Motorcycle, Fire pumps
Fire nozzle&Monitors
Fire Lighting equipment, Poison Prevention and Smoke Evacuation System and Equipment
Fire Communication Commanding System Extinguisher and Bottled & Maintained Equipment
Fire Hose and its Accessories
Emergency Rescue Equipment

Rescue Equipment,  Emergency Engineering  Safeguard Equipment, Communication System
Emergency Medical Equipment  Linkage Equipment for Disaster Detection