China ---  A Vibrant and Expanding Semiconductor Market

• China is a world-class electronics manufacturing hub with fastest-growing economies

• International IDM converts to fablite or fabless, which will release more outsourcing opportunities to Chinese foundries

SEMICON China - The World’s Largest Semiconductor Industry Platform, where Market, Technology, Investment Opportunities come together!

The main focus of SEMICON China is the further development of the China semiconductor and related emerging industries. High level executives from the industry, science and government will present their view and showcase their latest products and technology in the premier stage.

SEMICON China Theme Pavilions

IC Manufacturing Pavilion

From IC Design to Manufacturing, Building China's Semiconductor Industry Supply Chain

The China Market IC Applications Pavilion showcases products, technologies, and manufacturing solutions focused on serving China's fabless IC community, from design to final manufacturing. Exhibits and displays in this pavilion include technologies, services, and solutions for design, EDA, IP, foundry, and systems assembly and test.

LED and Sapphire Pavilion

China: The Largest LED, Sapphire Manufacturing Base Worldwide

According to statistics of SEMI China, China now is the largest LED Fab base with most LED epitaxial and chip fabs, and will be leading capacity expansion in the future. There are more than 1,000 LED packaging companies. The overall China LED Manufacturing industry has become the largest base in the world.

As the LED Fab industry demand continues to grow, the rise of emerging application domains such as smart watches, mobile phones, sapphire industry is maintained a rapid growth. China is leading the development of the global sapphire industry, and it has become the world's largest sapphire manufacturing center and application market. According to SEMI China statistics, China has accounted for 35% of global market, and will increase to more than 50% in next 3 years.

ICMTIA Pavilion

Semiconductor material industry

Local IC Material Industry and Institution will show their capabilities to support Semiconductor growth from good to great! Local IC Material is one of shining stars in Semiconductor world.

Power Electronics Pavilion

Display Wide Band Gap semiconductor including Silicon Carbide(SiC), Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power electronics like HEMT, MOSFET, SBD technology..and its supply chain.

Concurrent Programs:

● Grand Opening Keynotes

● SIIP China: Tech Innovation And Investment Forum

● China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC)

● MSIG International IOT Conference

● Power & Compund Semiconductor International Forum

● Win- Win:Build China’s IC Ecosystem

● China Memory Stragetic Forum

● Smart Automotive Forum

● Smart Manufcturing Forum

● Green Facility Technology Forum

● China Display Conference - Emerging Display Forum


Shanghai New International Expo Center


SEMI China

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