The 34th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries

Sponsor- Europe's Association for Plastics and Rubber Machinery Manufacturers (EUROMAP)

  • Supporters

  • Anhui Province Plastics Association

  • Association of Japan Plastics Machinery

  • China Rubber Industry Association

  • Fujian Plastics Industry Association

  • Guangdong Plastics Industry Association

  • Jiangsu Plastics Processing Industry Association

  • Jiangxi Plastics Industry Association

  • Shandong Plastics Industry Association

  • Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association

  • China Taizhou Plastics Industry Association

  • Zhejiang Plastics Industry Association

18 Theme Zones to Facilitate Successful Sourcing of Buyers

  •  Machine Exhibits

  • 3D Technology Zone

  • Die & Mould Zone

  • Injection Molding Machinery Zone

  • Rubber Machinery Zone

  • Auxiliary & Testing Equipment Zone

  • Extrusion Machinery Zone

  • Plastic Packaging Machinery Zone

  • Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone

  • Chinese Export Machinery & Materials Zone

  • Film Technology Zone

  • Recycling Technology Zone


  • Material Suppliers

  • Additives Zone

  • Colour Pigment and Masterbatch Zone

  • Thermoplastic Elastomers & Rubber Zone

  • Bioplastics Zone

  • Composites & High Performance Materials Zone

  • Chemicals & Raw Materials Zone

  • Semi-Finished Products Zone


National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)- NECC

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3—6 August 2020

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Teaching and Learning Aids, Further and Continuing Education, Business Start-up, Human Resources Development
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Textile and Clothing Machinery, Textile Cleaning
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Transport and Traffic
Vehicles (Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycles, Caravans, Parts and Accessories)
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