Beijing International Expo on Buses, Trucks & Components

Initiated in 2009, Bus & Truck Expo has secured its place as the 1st exhibition in China over the past eight years, with the event having gathered considerable momentum be it in scale, number of exhibitors, audience or concurrent events.

The organizing committee, in its effort to put on a spectacular exhibition and create a brand that is well-known both at home and abroad, has outlined the following highlights in relation to the event:

Focus on Industrial Development Needs

The “13th Five-Year Plan” and the “Transit Metropolis” initiative brought forth by the Ministry of Transport, not to mention the demand of enterprises bent toward urban public transport and road transport, are certainly taken into consideration based on the advantages of the organizing committee through the focus on such development priorities of the industry as blade electric, plug-in hybrid electric (including those with extended range) and fuel vehicles. This, therefore, has led toward events being organized to display the latest achievements, promote products and provide a forum for technical exchanges while also launching the “Internet + Urban Public Transport” service mode, “Internet + Trip” service mode and other innovative modes to facilitate the development of intelligent and green transport.

Internationalization of the Exhibition

This event provides a means for the industry to expand further upon international cooperation channels, enhance international publicity and organize solid international new energy bus and component enterprises. At this event, international technical exchanges can be strengthened, and the attention of overseas enterprises, experts and scholars can be better captured, thereby attracting them toward participation in this exhibition. International technical and business communications can be improved at this exhibition, and in addition, an annual gala for the Chinese passenger transport industry can be created while in the meantime expanding upon international reputation and influence.

Focusing on the latest trend of technical developments in passenger transport in the modern world, this exhibition mainly displays the latest industrial development, products, technology and related buses, coaches and components. The event shall be forged into the leading showcase for the latest technology and products in global passenger transport, and it shall be one of the best industrial platforms for the transformation of science and technology along with business communications.

Strengthened Audience Organization

At this exhibition, the organizing committee’s existing database on public and passenger transport as well as tourist enterprises, research institutions, transport management institutions and supporting enterprises can be utilized to its fullest potential to provide better audience organization across the country. At the same time, there can be further concentration on deepening cooperation with industries or local professional associations, and leading enterprises in passenger and public transport as well as leaders from tourist enterprises can continue to be invited to communicate and participate in exchanges.

Activity Connotation Innovation

Here, exchange channels provided by the China Academy of Transportation Sciences, China Highway & Transportation Society and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-Council can be relied upon at home as well as abroad using previous successful exhibitions as a basis, with the planning and organization of industries or international concerns being highlighted. Through high-level discussions and communications and from a multi-dimensional and international perspective, innovations can blossom with regard to development values, with development orientation being clarified and exchanges and cooperation between China and the rest of the world being facilitated.


New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC)

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