Guangdong Province Leads China in Vending Machines Exports
Throughout 2017, China exported 0.43 million pieces of vending machines, totaling USD 17.1195 million, as recorded by The top 10 vending machines exporting provinces in China in descending order are Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, Liaoning, Hubei, Sichuan, Shandong, Zhejiang, and Beijing.
Preview of China VMF 2019
Aiming at building the world’s largest vending show, China VMF 2019 plans to congregate 350+ exhibitors on a show floor of 30,000 sq.m. To cover the whole vending value chain, the show is going to add Smart Logistics & Cold Chain for perishables to its exhibition scope. Furthermore, to enhance our presence abroad, our overseas elite marketing team will double its effort in international promotion!   
Review of China VMF 2018
Hosting 300+ exhibitors on a show floor of 25,000 sq.m, China VMF 2018 registered 30,000+ visits in 3 days. Exhibitors were grouped in 3 themed exhibiting areas— Vending Machines & Self-Service, Unmanned Stores, and Payment Solutions— each featured with key players from its category, such as Baixue, UBOX, Fuji Electric, Foxconn, TCN, Holo, Comma, DeepBule, Superlead, CPI, Nayax, Union Pay, etc.  
Exhibition Scope
▪ Vending Machines;
▪ Self-Service Machines;
▪ Unmanned Stores;
▪ Payment Solutions;
▪ Office Coffee Services;
▪ Vending Items;
▪ Accessories;
▪ Logistics & Cold Chain for Perishable Vending Items;
▪ Vending Machines Management & Operation; etc.



China Import and Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Complex)


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China VMF 2019 Ended on a High Note

The 7th China Int’l Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair (China VMF 2019), a concentrated display of the latest progress in the vending industry, was successfully staged during Feb. 25th-27th, at China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. 

The show charted more than 41,000 visitors plus repeat visits (up by 36%) in three days, with 458 exhibitors (up by 52.6%), including nearly 100 first-timers, spanning a 40,000 sq.m show floor (up by 60%). Growing by 141.5% to 1940 people, an all-time high overseas buyer attendance was record.

Visitors on site were able to meet world-renowned International Brands like CPI (USA), Nayax (Israel), Fuji Electric (Japan), Silkron (Malaysia), Laqtia (Spain), ITL (UK), Bianchi (Italy), Konbini (Singapore), Sanden (Japan), Pyramid (USA), and etc, alongside premium Chinese Exhibitors like TCN, Kimma, Dongji, Easy Touch, Foxconn, Jetinno, KKIT, Xingyuan, China Union Pay, Fulei, LE Vending, Yo!Point, Easivend, Joyi, and so forth. 

Vending & Self-service Machines were the best represented sector, accounting for 46% exhibits, followed by New Retail (23%), Payment Solution (13%), Smart Equipment (10%) and Cold Chain & Logistics (8%).

The show has also called together a diverse set of visitors, including Operators, Leasing and Financing Companies (47%); Importers, Exporters, Agents, Distributors, Retailers (23%); Food, Beverage, and Small Goods Makers (13%); Vending Machines Makers, Developer, Designers (8%); Locations Like Schools, Stations, Airports, etc (4%); Media, Associations, Governments (1.5%); and Other (3.5%). 

The biggest highlight of the show was the 7th  Asia Pacific Vending Industry Summit, gathering a galaxy of big names like Mr. Aleksander Wąsik, Chairman  at Polish Vending Association, Mr. Max Hurwitz, Chairman at Vending Association of South Africa (VASA), Mr. Erwin Wetzel,  Director General at the European Vending & Coffee Service Association, Mr. Darren Yan, Vice President at Australian Vending Association (AVA), and so many more! 

14 March, 17:43