A decision was made to postpone the exhibition to a later date. The dates of the event will be published later.

Принято решение о переносе сроков проведения выставки на более поздний срок. Даты проведения мероприятия будут опубликованы позже. 

Asia’s No.1 Billiards Trade Fair

No.1 Billiards Trade Fair:The success of previous 13 sessions ensures GBE as one of the most attractive trade fairs in Billiard field worldwide. GBE,an excellent platform for worldwide billiards enterprises to improve brand valuation, showcase the latest products and technology as well as a pageant for professional buyers to seek top-notch suppliers. To ensure that news about GBE 2018 was communicated globally, we worked with over 200 global media and associations, making the show impossible to miss for worldwide insiders! It is estimated that visitors of more than 15,000 person-times from over 50 countries and regions will set foot in the exhibition hall.    

Famous exhibitors of GBE

GBE owns the worldwide top billiard exhibitors, including Shender, Wiraka, Rasson, Predator Group (USA),Lucasi(USA), Iwan Simonis S.A./Saluc S.A. (Belgium), Longoni Cues Italy, McDermott Cues (USA), Aramith Ball (Belgium), WSP Textiles Ltd(Strachan 6811)(UK), Ball Teck Korea(Hanbatt Co., LTD.), Billplex co., Ltd-Korea,Billking - Korea,Bachmann Kunststoff Technologien GmbH-Germany, Peradon(UK),Norditalia Ricambi srl(Italy),Palko Pty Ltd (Australia), Master Cues, Fury Cues, Cyclop Pool Balls (Taiwan),etc.    

Exhibitors’ new products yielding good response:Exhibitors’latest products did not only captivate visitors with their novelty but also utility. After offering free trial of their latest products to on-site buyers, professional players and billiards enthusiasts, most our exhibitors enthused that they had receive many positive feedback and response from visitors, as well as hundreds of inquiries from potentials clients. Again, GBE proved itself to be a wonderful platform for new product release.

GBE 2019 Welcome all insiders !

  • Review of GBE 2018

  • Exhibition Floor:10,000 sq.m 

  • Visitors: 15,000 person-times (85% were professional buyers;15% were relevant field buyers;65% placed orders on site;73% were from upper or middle management)

  • Exhibitors:105+ 

  • GBE 2018 marked a rapid increase in first-time exhibitors, visitors, as well as young billiards players! A lot of attendees have commented that they were very excited to see so many new faces this year, for this noticeable change implied a rejuvenated billiards market welcoming an increasing number of new entrants!

Target Visitor

Agents, distributors, dealers, importer, exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers at home and abroad, etc,

Large billiards clubs, recreation centers, fitness clubs, etc,

Persons in charge of upscale clubs, starred hotels, hotel purchasing, investment management companies, etc,

Government departments, schools, trade organizations, associations, media, enthusiasts, etc.



China Import and Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Complex)
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