China (Guangzhou) International Tent Show(CITS) is held in parallel with a series of associated exhibitions in an attempt to create an all-to-one trade platform for the visitors, including China ( Guangzhou ) Int’ l Integrated Housing Industry Expo(CIHIE), China ( Guangzhou ) International Exhibition for Steel Construction & Metal Building Materials(Steel Build), Guangzhou International Wooden House & Wooden Structure Fair (Wooden House), China ( Guangzhou ) International Roof, Facade & Waterproofing Exhibition(Roof China), etc.

This strong and solid visitor base advancing the marvelous exhibition feedback. In the past tent shows, lots of famous enterprises have made their debuts, included Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd., Shelte Tent Manufacturing ( Beijing ) Co., Ltd., Hainin Hongyuan Tent Co., Ltd., Shuncaida Tent Product Co., Ltd., Huiquan Plastic Tarpaulin Factory Weifang, etc. Therefore, the Organizing Committee of CITS strives to set up an international trading platform for information exchanges, lease transactions and brand promotion, boosting sound progress in the tent industry. In addition, great efforts will be made to invite tourism enterprises, camping enterprises,, supermarkets and other clients with great demands for tents.

CIHIE 2020 will provide you with a wide choice of makeshift accommodation and storage solutions, including prefab houses, containers home, light steel frames, wooden structures, and etc.

CITS 2020 will be held to help worldwide exporters expand their international market and cater to worldwide needs for business-use and industrial tents.

Three Out of Four Tents Are Made-in-China!

China is known as the world's largest tent producer and exporter while its export volume takes up  roughly 3/4 of the globe. Tent industry in China is still in an embryonic stage whilst in developed countries it is quite saturated. For instance, U.S and European countries have completed their tent industry chains with finished auxiliaries and improved sale service. Nonetheless, tents in China are widely used in a variety of outdoor events, commercial and leisure activities owing to its booming economy. By that time, further improvements will be made in rich styling appearances, simpler dismounting process and high economy.

Currently, tents enjoy wide applications in exhibitions, sporting events, outdoor weddings, celebration activities, dining areas, opening ceremonies, brand promotion activities, fashion shows, banquets, garden receptions, recreational events and many other activities.

   Exhibition Scope

  • ² Industrial tents, two-story duplex tents, exhibition tents, conference tents, advertising umbrellas, etc;

  • ² Travel tents, relief tents, camping tents, kids tents, pet tents, beach tents, military tents, inflatable tents, car tents, awning, folding tents, etc;

  • ² Awning fabrics, PVC tent fabrics, waterproof cloth, plastic coated fabrics, Oxford cloth, flame retardant canvas, etc;

  • ² Waterproof fabrics, functional fabrics, two-sided cotton canvas, polyester canvas, nylon taffeta, etc;

  • ² Collapsible tent frames, hack lever, stake, bearing plates, aluminum pipes, sleeve heads and other related accessories;

  • ² PVC transparent windows, sliding glass doors, flooring systems, rain gutters, carpet, ceiling curtain, interior decoration curtain, air conditioning systems, furniture, lighting & sound equipment, etc. 


Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo

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