Industrial sectors

Product categories

  • New Energy Electric Automobile Exhibition:

Pure electric bus, hydrogen fuel cell bus, hybrid power bus, electric logistics vehicle, electric passenger car, new energy passenger car, unmanned smart vehicle, the internet of vehicles, sightseeing vehicle, etc.

  • Charging Pile Exhibition Zone:

Charging equipment, charging station monitoring system, charging station power distribution equipment, battery charger, electric energy monitoring system, active power filter device, charging pile, transformer, power distribution cabinet, direct charging equipment, auxiliary management device, charging battery, charging facility in the parking lot, smart monitoring, power supply solutions for the charging station, etc.

  • Lithium Battery Exhibition Zone:

Power battery, fuel battery, lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery, nickel-cadmium battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, iron- nickel battery, plumbic acid battery, sodium-sulfur cell, electrical control system, battery management system, super capacitor and other products and relevant raw materials.

  • Core Components Exhibition Zone:

Driving motor, power control system, engine system, electrical machine and appliances, bodywork light material and technology, power source system, wheel hub, etc.