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China's intelligent manufacturing technology innovation, the deepening of the system reform of large and medium-sized enterprises and the rapid development of the economy. Sheet metal is widely used in people's lives. Laser unique processing technology has been adopted by more and more enterprises in different fields. The urgent need for upgrading of manufacturing industry will boost the golden age of China's laser industry. 2020 China(Guangzhou) laser equipment and sheet metal industry exhibition has grew after nineteen years of deliberation. It has become a well-known exhibition brand at home and abroad, This exhibition positioning laser technology and sheet metal industry manufacturing process market. Organizers integrate high-quality resources from domestic and foreign industries, attract a large number of high-quality buyers from around the world, and promote the development of intelligent industry and industrial transformation and upgrading. We will continue to persist in developing and forging ahead both at home and abroad, provide exhibitors and spectators with the most direct and effective intelligent technology, equipment and products for commercial circulation and technical exchanges, achieve a win-win situation in many ways, and transfer the unique domestic laser equipment and sheet metal processing technology to the world.

New Attractions

  • This exhibition has become a collection of the world's leading laser, sheet metal manufacturing technology, new products professional exhibition. The exhibition area is estimated at 30000 square meters, and nearly 500 producers and suppliers gathered here each year. Provide a wide range of options and advanced technology products for more than 60,000 professional buyers, and provide more opportunities for global manufacturing cooperation. It will vigorously promote China's manufacturing products to enter the global purchasing system in an all-round way, and coordinate cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win development and progress with the world's intelligent industries.

  • The Organizer - Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Design Co., Ltd. has 20 years experience in metal and metallurgy exhibition, has accumulated more than 100 countries of high-quality buyers, equipped with professional call team, 20 people dedicated to professional target audience for accurate one-to-one telephone invitation, to ensure the quality of exhibition visits.

  • The host city (Guangzhou) - China Import and Export Commodity Fair and Exhibition Hall, the largest modern exhibition center in Asia, is the best stage for Chinese enterprises to cross-border market, and also the most prominent venue for brand value.

  • With 2020 China (Guangzhou) Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Industry Exhibition held in the same period, To share more than 200,000 professional audience from more than 30 countries together, Can achieve the metal industry chain of centralized exhibition and multi-level exchanges. Contacts and channels have been greatly expanded, and there are unlimited business opportunities.

  • A special promotion work group is working on publishing information of theexpo through telephone, fax, mobile, email, post, industry magazine, website,newspaper and TV. More than 300,000 invitations and 1,000,000 tickets will be distributed directly to the potential buyers of corresponding industries(hardware, machinery, automobile, building materials, petroleum, chemical industry, aviation, electric power, food, electronic, steel, valves, home appliances, furniture, medical treatment, packaging, paper making,metallurgy) around the world.

Exhibiting Scope

1. Laser equipment: laser processing machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser punching machine, laseranti-counterfeiting spray code machine, laser application equipment, laser heat treatment equipment, other related laser equipment.

  • Electric welding equipment: all kinds of welding equipment and equipment, cutting equipment and technology, welding materials

3. CNC equipment: CNC forming equipment, CNC metal cutting machine tools, CNC rapid prototyping machine tools, CNC electrical machining equipment, product development and application software, as well as a variety of functional components and supporting products..

4. Sheet Metal Processing: Sheet Metal Parts, Sheet Metal Structural Parts, Cold Work Sheet Metal, Machine Shell, Chassis, Cabinet, Operating Console, Multimedia Platform,Distribution Cabinet, Stainless Steel Products, Medical Devices, Machine Sheet Metal and other Products Sheet Metal Parts.

5. Sheet metal equipment: shearing machine, bending machine, punch, plasma, water jet cutting machine, uncoiler, leveling machine, deburring machine, welding machine,slotting machine, riveting machine, mechanical lubrication products.

6. Sheet metal mold, software: bending machine die, stamping die; design software, programming software.

7. Surface treatment of sheet metal: colorless oxidation, electroplating, chromate, electrophoretic passivation, sandblasting, dacromet, baking paint.

8. Hardware tools: electric tools, hand tools, pneumatic tools, grinding tools, abrasives and abrasives.


China Import & Export Fair Complex
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