This 2-day meeting, leading experts in the subject areas will explore the latest gene editing technologies and methods that prompt agricultural improvement such as CRISPR, TALENs and ‘Omics that increase the efficiency with optimal results. You will learn the best ways of applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in plant bioinformatics, as well as discover how plant epigenetics is driving crop development.

These co-located congresses will stage an arena for the sharing of the latest scientific finding in all aspects related to plant genome and gene editing, along with research updates on plant and soil microbiome. Attracting more than 150 regional and global delegation, this 2-day event will be highlighting key development in the field of plant genomics, gene editing, NGS, phenomics, omics and artificial intelligence. The Microbiome for Agriculture Congress will focus on soil and plant microbiome, agricultural probiotics, microbial biostimulant and biocontrol among others.

  • Christopher Cullis, Department Chair & Professor, Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University, USA

  • Peer Schenk, Professor, The University of Queensland, Australia

  • Angharad Gatehouse, Professor, Newcastle University, UK

  • Yinghua Huang, Professor & Lead Scientist, Oklahoma State University & USDA-ARS, USA

  • Baohong Zhang, Distinguished Professor, East Carolina University, USA



Advances in Plant ‘Omics Technology

  • Genotyping and sequencing tools

  • Sequence generation and assembly pipelines

  • Application and case-studies of ‘omics technology – transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, phenomics and multi-omics

Opportunities and Advances in Bioinformatics for Plant ‘Omics

  • Machine leaning and artificial intelligence in ‘omics-current efforts & future application

  • Bioinformatics tools and phenomics

  • Integration of ‘omics with crop modelling and environmental data

  • Big data information management and sharing

Gene Editing for Crop Improvement

  • Gene editing methods, efficiency improvement

  • Gene delivery systems for gene editing

  • Gene editing case studies and challenges

  • Application of gene editing in plant disease resistance

Emerging Technologies and Opportunities in Crop Development

  • Epigenetics, epitranscriptomics and management of epigenetic variation

  • RNAi and gene silencing technologies

  • Crop biodiversity, genomic variation and marker development

  • Application of Next Generation Sequencing

  • Regulatory outlooks associated to plant gene editing

Microbiome for Agriculture – Conference Synopsis

  • Plant & soil microbiome

  • Microbial interaction in plant nutrition

  • Mechanism of nutritional cycles and management

  • Identification of microbiome for crop productivity and disease resistance

  • Symbiotic bacteria in agriculture

  • Integrated pest management

  • Plant Growth Promoting Microbes (PGPM)

  • Agricultural probiotics as biocontrol, biofertilizer, phytostimulator & biopesticide

  • Application of ‘omics technology in agricultural microbiome

  • Microbial biocontrol & biostimulant

  • Plant microbes for crop stress enhancement

  • Endophytic microbes


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